Our facility offers inhouse mailing services for a variety of direct mail projects. Our equipment can address mail from postcards to catalogs. In addition to the address and indicia, we can add other variable data tag lines.

Address lists are processed for CASS certification and real-time USPS move/change data (NCOA). Our USPS PAVE™ certified mail preparation system will sort your mail for the best possible postage discount and prepare all the paperwork needed for submission to your local post office or our local Bulk Mail Center.

• Kirk-Rudy InkJet printer with vacuum feed and infrared dryer.
• Satori CASS certified mail preparation system with NCOA link
• Strapping machine

Mailing List Submission

Mailing lists should be submitted in one of the following formats. Please provide only the address fields and one optional index field for receiving corrected addresses back to your database.

  • Delimited text file (*.txt, *.csv, *.tab)
  • Fixed-length text file (*.txt, *.asc, *.prn)
  • Microsoft Excel Workbooks (*.xls, .xlsx)
  • Microsoft Access database files (*.mdb, *.mde, *.mdw, *.mda)
  • dBase files (*.dbf)
  • XML files (*.xml)

Mailer ID

A Mailer ID will soon be required for all presorted mailings. Download this quick reference guide to get started.

Mailer ID Quick Step Guide download


The USPS requires that all mailings qualifing for automation discounts be checked against the National Change of Address(NCOA) database within the last 95 days. This Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) is required to be filled out and signed before we can process your list to comply with the Federal Privacy Act of 1974.

NCOA PAF download
NCOA Information Package download

Non-Profit Discount

The USPS provides registered not for profit organizations with a discount for all classes of mail. The USPS Form 3624 must be filled out and submitted in advance of your mailing.

USPS Form 3624 download


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